Free Download Wang VPN for PC – Windows 10,8,7 & Mac

Free Download Wang VPN for PC – Windows 10,8,7 & Mac

Free Download Wang VPN for PC – Windows 10,8,7 & Mac

Do you want to open and unblock the websites and application with complete privacy and security? What are you waiting for then?

Download Wang VPN free for PC ( Windows 10/8/7 and for Mac ) . This application helps in providing the best online privacy services. Wang VPN helps the users to open or get access to area restricted sites and apps. The security Wang Vpn provides is military-grade encryption. The happy news for Android users is that Wang Vpn is now available for Android as well.

The Desktop version of Wang VPN is under review but still there is a complete guide to let you help download this application in your personal computers.

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Wang VPN Review

The VPN services provided by Wang VPN are premium locations. Along with that the procedure of connecting to this proxy server is very simple. Your connection to Wang VPN is just a single click away.  This click results in unblocking and opening all the censorships of different sites and applications including Facebook, Netflix and YouTube. This server helps in securing your public Wi-Fi connections too.  The military grade encryption means that you are safe and you can’t get in hands with hackers, snoopers and not even government agencies. The privacy of your username and passwords is the responsibility of Wang VPN. You might be worried about your location? This problem is also nothing to worry about because Wang VPN promises your to protect your identity from Internet service providers and from Government.

How does it performs it? This can be the real quick question ! This proxy server solves this problem by hiding the real IP address of your device thus making sure that no one knows who are you and what are you doing on internet and where. Wang VPN has a lot of proxy servers, so you are free to switch locations to unlimited proxy servers of your choice.


  • Wang VPN removes all the barriers from internet and unblocks the location restrictions.
  • It provides security and privacy to the device when connected with public Wi-Fi connections and other connections mainly hotspots.
  • Your identity is kept anonymous and you can browse whatever you want freely and without any fear.


  • The VPN services are free but are limited.
  • It has a limited bandwidth and time.
  • Browsing and downloading speed of Wi-Fi connections can be slowed down

How to Download Wang VPN for PC – Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

For downloading Wang Vpn for personal computers you first need to install or download Android Emulator on PC. This Android Emulator is a software designed perfectly to run the android applications and software’s in personal computers and Mac ( Apple Devices).

These are the instructions for downloading the Wang Vpn in your personal computers and Mac Os.

Download/Install Wang VPN for Windows 10,8,7

  1. Search for BlueStacks Emulator and download it in your PC.
  2. After downloading the emulator Install it by following the instructions on screen in your PC.
  3. Run the Emulator.
  4. Enter the compulsory information for example required details of BlueStacks emulator such as Language, Date & Time, WiFi and Google Account.
  5. Main menu will be visible on the screen of Blue Stacks.
  6. Open Google PlayStore by clicking on My Apps Tab and select system Apps.
  7. Search for Wang VPN in the PlayStore of your Personal computer and select the right application for the searches available.
  8. Click the Install button.

After installation the Wang Vpn will be ready to use with no limits on your PC.

Download/Install Wang VPN for Mac

  1. Similar to the Blue stacks emulator, Search for Nox Emulator in the Mac.
  2. Install it like other software’s and after installation, click on the Nox icon.
  3. Main screen will be displayed and from that visible main screen of Nox, click on the folder named as google and search for PlayStore.
  4. Search for Wang VPN, install it and its ready to use.

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